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Open Data Interoperable Network

ODIN is a decentralized system designed to build a data oracle network based on an open protocol for interaction between participants and a sustainable economy.

In addition to organizing the data oracle network, ODIN involves building a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing and trading ecosystem for delivering real-world data to onchain for various use cases such as DeFi, betting, forecasting apps, or NFT.

Our Partners

ODIN Token

ODIN will use ODIN native token for its own network as an incentive for validators to produce new blocks and submit responses to data requests.

The total supply is 100 millions $ODIN

Token Distribution



Binary token system to be implemented for the ODIN project.

First ODIN token should secure the network, to be a means of payment for Data consumers and take part in the System Governance. The Data Provider token will be the means of payment for them.

ODIN Use Cases

  • user-data

    Streaming of anonymized user-generated data

    Such as location, health, consumption, mobile data & others from off-chain applications to onchain smart contracts.

  • defi-applications

    DeFi applications need to be fed with real-world data

    Such as off-chain trading platforms, prices, forecasts, statistics, and various analytics.

  • betting-dapps

    Betting dapps can be fed with data

    From the real world to bring more decentralization & fairness to the betting sector.

  • dynamic-nft

    Dynamic NFT

    Allowing to update data records within NFT from real-world data




  • luis

    Luis Gelado

    Founder & CEO

  • alexander

    Alexander Chevtaev


  • anant

    Anant Singh


  • manuel

    Manuel de la Esperanza

    Founder & Advisor