Open Data Interoperable Network

Odin Protocol is a data-centric, interoperable ecosystem that utilizes a layer-1 blockchain, an inbuilt oracle, and a rewards-based system for users.

ODIN allows for private & secure sharing of data with dApps, while also allowing for anonymous sharing of verified data between dApps, increasing the quantity & quality of data available for analysis & decision making for businesses. ODIN has a special focus on data coming from everyday users sharing their anonymized data, but also provides all kinds of real-world data. Any app or game can plug into the Odin ecosystem & choose to be part of the rewarding ecosystem, generating additional revenue for the developers & users.

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  • Interoperable

    Interoperable Ecosystem

    ODIN creates an interoperable ecosystem for data collection, verification, and secure exchange between various applications. This allows for seamless integration between different dApps and platforms, making it easier for developers to access and use valuable data.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Data Exchange

    ODIN enables the anonymous exchange of verified user data between dApps through its innovative layer-1 blockchain technology. This means that users can share their data without compromising their privacy, and developers can access high-quality data without worrying about data breaches.

  • datasharing

    Token Rewards for Data Sharing

    ODIN provides a way for dApps to reward their users in tokens for the data they share, creating a new revenue stream for developers. This incentivizes users to share their data and helps to attract a larger user base for dApps.

  • personaldata

    Monetizing Personal Data

    ODIN offers a secure and private way to monetize personal data, allowing developers to comply with data privacy regulations. This means that developers can access valuable data while still respecting users' rights to privacy.

Built on Cosmos

Unlocking the Power of User-Driven Data



The ODIN Data Wallet

Introducing Wallace - the revolutionary data wallet built for the modern crypto user. With advanced features, a sleek design, and a built-in rewards system, Wallace is designed to make managing your crypto easy and enjoyable. As the first wallet of its kind built on the Odin ecosystem, Wallace sets the standard for data wallets and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly wallet experience. Don't settle for less, upgrade to Wallace today!

ODIN Use Cases

  • user-data

    Data Monetization

    Odin makes it easy for individuals and businesses to monetize their data while maintaining control and privacy. This can create new revenue streams and help to democratize access to data.

  • defi-applications

    Data Sovereignty

    Odin empowers individuals and businesses to have more control over their data, by allowing them to store it on their own terms and have more control over who accesses it.

  • betting-dapps

    AI Model Development

    The ability to access a wider range of private data can significantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of AI models. Odin makes it possible for AI practitioners to access valuable, private data that was previously unavailable.

  • dynamic-nft

    Game data analytics

    Game developers can use the ODIN protocol to gain insights into player behavior by analyzing in-game data. The protocol's decentralized architecture ensures that all data is private and secure, while smart contracts ensure that the data is only used for legitimate analytics purposes.

Roadmap 2023

Q1 2023

Data Scripts (DON)

Web upgrades

Reward Implementation

Q2 2023

Odin V2

ThorMask OdinID

Multichain integration

Q3 2023


Tyr (GameData Portal)

Valkyria Data Bazaar


Q4 2023

IDUN Data Orchard

Data Dex


50+ Validators

ODIN is a part of COSMOS ecosystem & has been recognized by major community & Professional Node Operators.

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